Prop Building Instructions

Having the right props (or lack thereof) can define who you are as a showman in your haunt. You don’t need to have a boat load of cash or even a lot of artistic talent. You just need a little imagination and some basic tools. The Props I have listed below are skill rated from easy to advanced and each generally costs less than 100 dollars to build. This list will never be complete either.

If you see something you like, read about it and build it. I would also love to see the results so drop me a line and send a photo.

If you have an idea, but don’t know how to build it and want some help, send me a request in my contacts page.

Happy building!

With all that said,  all the information I have presented on this website is provided ‘as is.’ there is no warranty, suitability, or fitness of purpose implied. You build these things at your own peril and if you cut off your fingers with a circular saw, I will not accept any responsibility for your injuries resulting from the use, or misuse of this information. There are plenty of other websites that have much of the same infomation. I am simply showing everyone how I build them.Your use of this information constitutes acceptance of  these terms.

The Axworthy Ghost

The Flying Crank Ghost

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