About The Cadaver Café

The Cadaver Café is a Dark Entertainment company that serves up a different brand of horror.

There is a fine line between humor and terror and we like to push that limit every chance we get. We can help you design, build, and enhance your attraction to maximize the “scare factor” and “profit margin.” We have experience in: Haunted Attraction design and development Cast hiring and training The promotional aspects of your Haunted Attraction: Radio Advertisement Television Press releases Promotions Professional web development for the means of Self-Promotion We have been established since 1996 and have grown from our first incarnation as a haunted dinner party to a design & consulting company for the Dark Attraction Industry. We can help any size haunt increase their presence in the market as well as eliminate problems that prevent your attraction from truly becoming “world class”.

“Yard Haunters” have a special place in our hearts because we started out with eight wooden tombstones and a coffin. You can find plenty of items here worth looking at if you take the time. Prop designs, recipes, to links to other haunters like yourself, PLUS a few other fun things that can add some fun to any Halloween festivities.

Cadaver Café • Wilmington • North Carolina

Phone • (910) 470-FEAR •

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