The Adventures of the Zombie Extras in “Dead Heist”


Back in 2005, I was a featured Zombie Extra on a local Film here in Wilmington. It was fun and quite eye opening to how the movie industry operates. I think i spent 18 hours on set for 2.5 seconds of film time, part of which was just a shot of my back with a knife in it. *Sigh*

But still good fun

Here are some of the pictures I took & had taken.  




SO….this is day 2 of the zombie extras. There were a lot less of us today. The director’s helpers chose people from the crowd the night before and asked them to come back the next day. I said, “YES!” The goal was to have about 30 zombies, but only 17 showed up… AND we were missing a makeup effects person. There were two teams the night before and only one today.

(non-sequitur) You know that scene in all the old ‘airport disaster’ films where the flight attendants ask the passengers if there is anyone who has experience flying a plane? Well now imagine it on a movie set and someone asking for makeup artists.

OK, to make a long story short: A lot of the makeup you see below was done by yours truly with some very “low-tech” supplies, plus a little help from my make-up box and my personal bag of tricks. I want to thank every person I messed up, poured blood on, gave swamp hair to, applied latex to unshaved faces, and smeared strawberry jam on.


Everyone was very cool and friendly and we became pretty tight by the end of the 17 hour day (1pm to 6am). I am looking forward to seeing everyone that worked on the set again. Hopefully this will not be the last time we cross paths.


The “official” buzz: The release date is set for 2006 and will go directly to DVD. However, Dead Heist may be released earlier AND it may also have a real theatrical release too…


Now everyone, all together…



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